Cockta digital

Droga kolinska / Atlantic grupa

We created an unexpected way of promoting the legendary drink Cockta. We offered an opportunity to young people to test out their acting skills, co-create a new Cockta story and earn immortal regional fame as the vampires in Cockta’s web series Nevergreen

We organized a contest to participate in the web series through various web tools (web page, Cockta Facebook profile, Facebook ads) and street promotions. We also organized two auditions where young people tried in person to convince a panel of judges that they were the best for the role of vampires in the web series. 409 young people - 118 from Slovenia - applied during the month long contest. Six were chosen and they got the unique opportunity to shoot a vampire saga with a professional production team. The 10 part series was then posted weekly posted on Cockta’s Youtube channel, their web page and on their Facebook profile. At the same time a communication campaign with the slogan “Always alive” was under way. On one hand this campaign acted as a preview for the Nevergreen web series, on the other hand it helped to build the Cockta story.