Gorenjka sweet messages


How can each chocolate become a messenger? With Gorenjka sweet messages! Users can now send personalized sweet messages through the chocolate.

As classical advertising tactics wouldn’t stand a chance against big Milka budgets, we tackled this project from a completely different perspective: chocolates have been since forever engraved with words and logos. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could somehow put personalized words on each chocolate, allow users to make chocolates with their own messages, and make this in real time! So we sat down with engineers and developed a computerized print-on-chocolate machine, which was based on laser-engraving technology. CHOCOLATE ITSELF BECAME THE MEDIA and sharing personal chocolate messages was thus possible through all interactive channels that people normally use (events, online, radio, event, postal services…). We did not need heavy advertising any more. Each engraved Gorenjka chocolate with sweet a message became the messenger of the essence of the brand. For this campaign we received Veliki Sempler for the best media strategy of the year and Zlati Sempler for the innovative use of a communication channel.