Cockta - Refresh your life!

Droga kolinska / Atlantic grupa

What is fun, light, refreshing and reminds us of summer? It's Cockta with a new slogan Refresh your life!

In the year 2012 we created a new positive communication tone and style of the Cockta brand with a new slogan “Refresh Your Life!” Cockta became fun, light, refreshing, a drink that reminds us of summer. For the base of the new campaign - and in accordance with the retro trend - we took a retro song with a memorable chorus Program Tvog Kompjutera by a Croatian group Denis i Denis from 1984. We remixed the song and added a new trendy beat with the help of a Slovenian producer Cazzafure and singer Senidah. Cockta’s Facebook profile page was first refreshed with an application Cockta Music Video Creator where the users were able to create their own music videos on a series of preset scenes. Cockta’s Facebook profile became even more popular and visited at the beginning of the summer 2012 when “Cockta Live Radio!” was launched. This was the first web radio station created by a brand on the former Yugoslavian territory. “Cockta Live Radio!” offers uninterrupted fun for the listeners and at the same time also creates its own charts and hits.