Ave - It's Time for the Best

Panvita d.d.

Initiative for product innovations of the sub brand AVE GRILL is just one of many in the planned three-year strategy in which family Gurman will play an important role.

With the intention of increasing recognizability and building the perception of the quality of BZ Ave and its sub brands we put socializing around meat treats from family Gurman at the central point. Family Gurman is remarkable because of its unique communication amongst its members as they use their own special “meat slang”.
First we prepared a campaign for the sub brand AVE GRILL where we presented two new products: Leskovačke dobrote (Leskovačke treats) and Piščančji žar (Chicken grill). The members of family Gurman were featured in a TV ad, at points of sale and on the web. We created a Picnicquiz app for the Facebook page AVE where all lovers of grilled meat were able to win the title of Picnicking or Picnicqueen. In the spring they were also able to win a selection of prizes for enjoying a fun and delicious picnic.