Telekom Slovenije

Siol prepared two interesting special offers for their new customers during the holiday time, but the consumers could only choose one. The campaign was accompanied by fun series of fun TV ads.

For the holidays Siol prepared two attractive offers to their users who were then able to choose one of them. On the one hand, they offered a 50 % discount on TopTrio bundles and on the other hand a special selection of products, available for as little as 1 euro. This great deal was the focus point of a series of TV ads that presented it in fun and interesting ways. Television, that is one of the products available for 1 euro, became a payment method for a coffee or a carousel ticket, the prize for a street musician and even a tool that helped a judge at a draw at a football game.
Besides TV ads other advertising tools were also used. All of the ads in the campaign were focused on the duality of the offer that was presented in a way that it was apparent at first sight. The duality of course being the ability to choose one of the deals offered.