Let's clean up Slovenia

Ekologi brez meja

In a parody of to all of us well-known ads for washing powders we advertised an all Slovenian cleaning project in which we challenged people to clean up a stain that is covering Slovenia.

Slovenia with all of its illegal landfill sites is becoming one big stain. Luckily there is a solution for cleaning up tenacious stains: the all Slovenian volunteer cleaning project “Let’s Clean Slovenia 2012!“ The campaign, in which we invited all Slovenians to join the project and help clean up our country, was based on the premise of to all of us well-known (and hated) ads for washing powders. With the help of famous Slovenians, ambassadors of the project, we created fun parodies of these kinds of ads. We used print ads and billboards, featuring a stain in the shape of Slovenia, to alert people to the problem of illegal landfills and invite them to help clean up this “tenacious stain”. “Let’s give Slovenia back its pristine shine!”