Sveta vladar - Rhyme with Zlatko!

Nova KBM

The Rimaj z Zlatkom campaign (Rhyme with Zlatko) invited young users to participate in the writing of a song for the Sveta vladar (Ruler of the World) brand, through which they could express their views on life.

The campaign we conceived for the Nova KBM bank was aimed at young users of banking services. The campaign focused primarily on including young people directly in brand communication to build an emotional connection to the brand and raise its recognition. Throughout the campaign, we appealed to young people through urban, youthful and street aesthetics to bring the campaign and the brand even closer to them. We decided on a campaign like this because our main challenge was chiefly the fact that young people do not actively seek information about banking services as they do not consider them a significant part of their lives and are therefore not interested in them.

The campaign was based on social media where young people were invited to collaborate with the popular Slovenian rapper Zlatko in the making of a song themed Več od lajfa (More from Life), which is the slogan of the Sveta vladar brand, giving them a chance to express their feelings and views on life and to tell us clearly what means the most to them in life. The campaign’s creative design was based on the Facebook app Rimaj z Zlatkom that was used in the competition for co-writing the song Več od lajfa. Zlatko wrote the song’s chorus and two lines of each verse. After that, the rhymes of the popular rapper were completed by the users with their ideas, resulting in a new hit that they created together. In five weeks, the campaign attracted over 2,500 app users and new fans on Facebook, and the video for the hit song was viewed more than 900,000 times. The song was voted Song of the Week at the Val 202 radio station, which means it reached an audience of more than a million people.

The Rhyme with Zlatko campaign is also highly successful in competitions and has received numerous awards both at home and abroad. Among others, it won the Gold Midas Award, the Gold Sempler and the Bronze Effie. With this campaign, Nova KBM has been recognised as Brand of the Year at the Effie Awards. At the 22nd Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF), the campaign received three Grand Awards and Two Gold Awards, while the song Več od lajfa was chosen as the best original song in advertising. The campaign was chosen from 25 of the best from the region and was nominated at the European Excellence Awards.