Pristop and Pristop Media actively co-create SOF

President of the 23rd SOF will be Barbara Modic, and Urša Pučko will be member of the Competition Programme Board

Administrative board of Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ) has appointed Barbara Modic, director of Pristop Media, for president of the 23rd Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) which will take place in March 2014. Election for the president of the Slovenian Advertising Festival, which is the central event for advertising profession in Slovenia, represents important acknowledgment of representatives of Slovenian agencies for her work as well as for Pristop Media.

By the proposal of Slovenian Association of Advertising Agencies, the managing board of SOZ also appointed new members of the Competition Programme Board (STP) of SOF for mandate 2013-2015. Among the members is also Urša Pučko, head of Pristop Marketing.