The book Culture and PR is opening questions about relations between culture and communications

The presentation of the book Culture and PR, organized by Pristop and Public Relations Society of Slovenia, took place yesterday.

Co-editor and co-author of the book dr. Dejan Verčič, who is also co-founder of Pristop, said on the presentation of the book which took place at Faculty for Social Sciences that the book is of great importance because nowadays we are more aware of cultural installation of each communication act: »Culture is on one hand environment in which we are communicating and on the other hand we are creating this same space with this same communications. We can also see organizations and professions through culture and in this sense we are talking about korporate culture.«

Through the debate, prof. dr. Aleš Debeljak, co-author of the book, professor, co-worker of Center for Cultural and Religious Studies, poet and essay-writer, and Janez Škrabec, founder and director of Riko, recognized as maecenas, sponsor and donator, and active entrepreneur on foreign, especially Russian-speaking markets, represented their experiences in communication and different approaches to different cultures.