Pristop paints the best

»Barvajte več.« (»Paint more.«) campaign received the Outstanding prize

Europlakat, offerer of external advertising, conferred the Outstanding prize for the first time on Wednesday 29th February.

Europlakat will from now on award the Outstanding prize every year to those creative works, which will stand out in the field of external advertising. The prize is awarded in five categories – billboard, citylight, metrolight, innovative (including all formats where the media has been used in an innovative way) and communication actions of informing and awareness.

Pristop`s action »Barvajte več.« (Paint more.), which was designed for Jupol brand of JUB company, the oldest Slovenian producer of wall paint colors, gained the first prize in »metrolight«.

One of seven members of the jury, consisting of representatives of agencies and advertisers, was also our creative director Blaž Vuk.