Pristop Golden Sponsor of the Let's Clean Up Slovenia 2012 Project

Pristop continues successful cooperation with the Ecologists Without Borders Association

Pristop, as sponsor, successfully cooperated with the Ecologists Without Borders Association in the project called Let`s Clean Up Slovenia in a Day, which took place in 2010. On the basis of excellent past cooperation, we decided to take part in the Let`s Clean Up Slovenia 2012 campaign.

Let`s Clean Up Slovenia 2012 is related to the World Cleanup 2012 initiative, which represents the largest environmental volunteering project in the history of mankind. The World Cleanup 2012 Project will consist of a series of one-day cleanup actions in various countries between 24 March and 25 September 2012. The Project also involves the most extensive ever mapping of illegal garbage dumps that will enable creating the first uniform and also most thorough digital register of illegal garbage dumps on the global level. The cleaning action in Slovenia will be held on Saturday, 24 March 2012. The goal of the Project organisers is to attract 250,000 volunteers to clean up illegal garbage dumps near roads, streets, areas around schools, kindergartens and walking paths.