Pristop receives two awards for OUTSTANDING outdoor advertising

Pristop received three OUTSTANDING nominations and two OUTSTANDING first places for outdoor advertising in 2015.

The competition, organized by Europlakat, rewards best advertising works in five categories: BILLBOARD, CITY LIGHT, METROLIGHT, INNOVATE AND INFORMATION AND AWARENESS.
This year the jury was lead by Mitja Tuškej, partner and marketing strategist in the agency Formitas,. The other members were David Kušanić, Tamara Glavina Knafelc, Zoran Bedrač, Gregor Žakelj, Petja Montanez in Robert Križmančič.
The Billboard Itak "Don’t post what can bother you" earned a nomination, while 1st prizes for outstanding achievements were awarded to Itak "Don’t post what can bother you" (Metrolight) and Donat Mg (Citylight).