Pristop's campaign When preggy, you need Donat Mg ("Tudi nosečke potrebujete Donat Mg") among the elite finalists of Effie Euro

The campaign When preggy, you need Donat Mg (Tudi nosečke potrebujete Donat Mg) has made it to the grand finale of the Euro Effie.

Out of all the submissions received, the first level jury, which has already deliberated, selected 44 finalists from 34 agencies based in 11 different countries. The selection only included 2 campaigns from Slovenia, further underlining the achievement of the Pristop and Atlantic Grupa team.

The submissions are rated in two stages. The first stage was limited exclusively to the Web, with the members of the jury judging the submissions by their effectiveness in terms of strategy, target market analysis, selection and use of market communications, and results. The jury had selected 44 finalists, and in late June, a nineteen-member second-stage jury will meet in Brussels and rate the submissions, also reviewing the creative materials, the evaluation of which shall determine 20 percent of the end result.

Contenders for the European EACA Euro Effie awards are all agencies that have entered their market communications campaigns into the competition by April 18, 2014, provided that the entries have been present on two or more European markets in 2013. The winners will be announced at the formal awards ceremony on September 17, 2014, in Brussels. Until then, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the prestigious Euro Effie and our team!