Create New Chapters in Life Earns Prism Award

Prism Award for communication excellence at the Slovenian Conference on Public Relations.

The Pristop project Create New Chapters in Life received the Prism Award at the Slovenian Conference on Public Relations, held in Portorož on November 7-8, in the category of programmes for the for-profit sector and comprehensive actions. The project was commissioned by DEOS, a private provider of elderly care which has seven premium nursing homes in and around Ljubljana.

DEOS had a short-term glut of unoccupied rooms, in particular in newly opened facilities, as elderly people have been leaving nursing homes, unable to pay for the services due to the challenging economic conditions. But despite the sensitive topic, connoted by dementia, disability, and the need for quality healthcare and assisted living, we managed to highlight the positive aspect of the story with the right choice of content and creative communication support.

We came up with an original story highlighting the advantages of DEOS`s nursing homes. In cooperation with the DEOS management and employees, we showed the elderly, their families and potential users that they can start a new chapter even at this stage in life. The success of the campaign is reflected in the bottom line and in communication results.