Pristop is world's 3rd most effective independent agency according to Effie Effectiveness Index 2013 ranking

In the EEI category of the most effective independent agencies, Pristop ranked third.

This is so far the greatest success for EEI-listed Slovenian agencies. Effie Worldwide® revealed the winners of the awards received by the most effective advertisers, brands and agencies in the world at this years festival in Cannes.

Our director, Primož Pusar, commented on the occasion as follows: We are proud of our ranking and all the Effie awards won, since they confirm we are heading in the right direction. We believe in the impact of knowledge, strategic planning and carefully considered project implementation at all levels. This is also reflected by the Effie awards and most of all by the results of our clients with whom we build long-term and stable relationships. Together with our clients, we strive to look for innovative solutions that follow their business and marketing goals, ensure maximum use of resources and work/have an effect. We feel certain that investment into marketing communications campaigns can pay off in the current economic situation when prepared strategically, effectively and in close collaboration with the client.

The 43 winning points that brought us third place in the global Effie Index ranking were earned with 9 marketing communications campaigns that made it to the final shortlist. Among the awarded campaigns, Pristop received a gold Effie for the projects Naprej k naravi (client: Mlekarna Celeia) and Moj Fruc (client: Fructal), a silver Effie for the projects Posel je tekma (client: Telekom Slovenije), Uvedba znamke Sveta vladar (client: Nova KBM) and Digitalna ELP platforma Itak (client: Telekom Slovenije) and a bronze Effie for the projects Nov ledeno saden čaj Ice Tea (client: Fructal), Rimaj z Zlatkom (client: Nova KBM) and Lupčka mi je dala (client: TSmedia). To sum up, we won 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze Effie awards.

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