The Effie awards prove that Pristop provides the most effective communication with its clients

Pristop received the most awards of any Slovenian agency at the 2012 Effies for proven effectiveness in marketing communications.

At the Effie 2012 awards ceremony that took place in Portorož on the evening of Wednesday, 20 March, Pristop received no less than eight Effie awards, two gold, three silver and three bronze, for campaigns that generated the best results for companies from both a communications and sales perspective. Pristop was awarded for the effectiveness of campaigns designed in the past two years for Mlekarna Celeia, Fructal, Telekom Slovenije, Nova KBM and TSmedia.

On the basis of the Effie 2012 awards for communication effectiveness, Pristop was also the most effective communication agency in Slovenia according to the measurements of the Effie Effectiveness Index, formulated by Effie Worldwide and the Warc Research Institute. Pristop was awarded twice as many points as the second-ranking agency in this year’s Effie 2012 awards.

Primož Pusar, Managing Director of Pristop, commented that in addition to client satisfaction, the Effie awards are the highest possible recognition for an agency team: “Effie awards comprehensive projects that show a significant contribution to the business performance of a specific brand and company as a whole. Marketing and communications professionals must consistently ensure and be responsible for the measurability of our work results, whereby excellent cooperation between the client and the agency team is certainly of great importance in this respect. Together with our clients, we endeavour to begin our cooperation with clearly defined business and marketing objectives, since only in this way can we jointly prepare effective strategies and optimal tactics that will enable the most effective use of the funds invested in marketing by the companies. In this way, we can completely coordinate our expectations and at the same time also develop business models of remuneration based on effectiveness, which are even more important in the more restrictive economic environment in which we operate today.”


Project: Back to Nature (Client: Mlekarna Celeia)
Agency: Pristop
Partner agency: Pristop Media
Due to a decline in the general sale of yoghurts and desserts and the drop in sales of its brand, Mlekarna Celeia decided on content changes and a visual redesign of the Zelene Doline (Green Valleys) brand and to tackle its two substantially larger competitive advertisers. Two years after the redesign, which was implemented based on on-going customer response, the brand literally shone on the market. Despite the almost 14 percent drop in the market of yoghurts and desserts, Mlekarna Celeia reached a historic record in its sales value, which it increased by 26%. It also increased its market share, raising it to 15.4% from the previous 10.6%. During this time, brand recall increased from 22.8% to 32.4%. We have thus proven that a well thought out marketing strategy and a very limited budget can achieve a market breakthrough and take a slice of the market share from a stronger competitive advertiser.

Project: My Fruc (Client: Fructal)
Agencies: Pristop and Renderspace
In 2011, the Fruc brand was facing three major marketing and communication challenges: how to additionally strengthen its Totalno kül (totally cool) character, how to communicate continually throughout the year and which Fruc taste to launch in order to achieve good sales results despite the negative trend in the category. The right answer was an online competition for co-shaping the new MY FRUC product in which users created the taste, designed the label and prepared the video advertisement. We thus actively included almost 1,000 users and utilised an innovative approach and efficient use of resources in order to exceed the sales results of the previously best-selling special taste by 80 percent.


Project: Business is a Race (Client: Telekom Slovenije)
Agency: Pristop
Partner agencies: Renderspace, Pristop Media and Valicon
The merged offer of Telekom Slovenije and Mobitel enabled the design of a comprehensive set of telecommunication services that bring numerous benefits to even the smallest of companies. In preparing the campaign, the biggest challenge was the weak position of Telekom Slovenije as a brand in the business segment. A multiphase campaign and the inclusion of representatives of the target group as key protagonists of the campaign allowed us to exceed all marketing and sales objectives.

Project: Implementation of the Sveta vladar (The Ruler of the World) brand (Client: Nova KBM)
Agency: Pristop
Partner agencies: Renderspace, Pristop Media
Until 2010, Nova KBM was facing unutilised opportunities in the segment of young people, to whom the world of finance appears overly complicated and serious and who are mainly uninterested in banking products. In order to increase the recognition of Nova KBM and the number of young clients, we developed the Ruler of the World brand for young people in cooperation with the bank. We more than successfully presented it to the young public by introducing stand-up comedy with financial content and other innovative solutions, and in one year we fully achieved the defined sales objectives.

Project: The Itak digital ELP platform (Client: Telekom Slovenije)
Agencies: Pristop and Renderspace
Partner agency: Pristop Media
The insight into the target group and the market of mobile communications in the youth segment led us to the decision to position the Itak brand in 2009 as the brand that gives young people everything of importance and represents an important part of their everyday lives. Digital channels were set up as the basis of the loyalty platform, which was based on the organic inclusion of young people in the relationship with the brand through time. From 2009 to 2012, we were among the firsts in Slovenia to build a community of loyal followers for a brand, thus preserving its competitive advantage and the right perception of the Itak brand among the young population.


Project: New Ice Tea (Client: Fructal)
Agency: Pristop
Redefining the offer in the subcategory of iced teas was marked as one of the key strategic opportunities for the growth of Fructal in 2010. Survey results led to the development of a new brand, Fructal ICE TEA, which was introduced to the market as the ultimate iced fruity refreshment free from artificial colorants, sweeteners and preservatives. The campaign achieved and exceeded all the set business and marketing objectives – campaign likeability and understandability transferred into the key action of purchasing while Fructal ICE TEA still records excellent results.

Project: Rhyme with Zlatko (Client: Nova KBM)
Agency: Pristop
Partner agencies: Renderspace
The challenge for Nova KBM’s brand The Ruler of the World in the spring of 2012 was to utilise a small marketing investment to address and activate the young population in an innovative way, as they are usually disinterested in banking products, to bring the brand closer to them and to let them know that a good bank allows them to realise their goals faster. The campaign was based on social media and young people were invited to co-create a song together with the rapper Zlatko and forever leave their mark on popular culture. The title of the song Več od lajfa (More from Life) is also the positional slogan of the Ruler of the World brand. Over 2,500 young people participated, and in three months, the song was viewed more than 500,000 times on the Internet alone.

Project: She Gave Me a Kiss (Client: TSmedia)
Agency: Pristop
Partner agencies: Renderspace and Pristop Media
In the autumn of 2011, TSmedia combined the Internet portal and the Planet mobile portal into a new unified medium under the Planet brand. The united medium is available to the user on five different screens (a conventional computer screen, mobile phone, outdoor digital screens, tablets and IP TV) and for each of the screens the user experience is adapted to the user’s situation at the time of using the medium. After the strategically designed launch of the changed and visually redesigned Planet and the successfully realised business objectives of the new company, Planet quickly became a leading Slovenian digital medium.