We are committed to the principle of exceptional creativity in the name of marketing effectiveness: creativity in tackling a marketing challenge, creativity in the process of leadership, and creativity in terms of marketing and communication.

A thorough understanding of the market, users and the latest trends is the first step towards understanding business opportunities or threats that are essential to optimising marketing processes. We devise and implement comprehensive marketing analysis.

Utilising realistic data and extensive understanding of brands, we advise clients on the right strategy for each level of the marketing mix and provide for the best forms of implementation. We do this independently or as a means of supporting future processes.

The design and implementation of communication campaigns require strategic planning and systematic leadership in addition to creative excellence. We promote partner relations with our clients and look to be responsive and proactive throughout the process.

We provide solutions for visual identities, the design of publications and annual reports, promotional materials and other communication elements. Each detail is the result of a carefully conceived idea combined with the productive imagination of our creative team.

Two seconds can be decisive in a store. If a customer fails to see a product they want, the fight for their business may be lost forever. That is why we deal packaging design strategically and seriously. We know the trends, the brands and the specifics of various industries.

We prepare a strategy, communication plan and relevant activities based on the set goals. A key priority for us is ensuring that the right information gets to the right people.

Stores play a crucial role in the overall marketing process representing the point of contact between a user and a brand. Understanding the laws of a point of sale and having the creativity and resourcefulness to tap into this is crucial for ensuring effectiveness.

Events and fair presentations can contribute importantly to the visual identity of a company or brand. It is therefore essential that each detail is well thought out and implemented flawlessly. We provide comprehensive support in this area – from concept to communication.

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    Vse dobro. Darila dobra.
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    Telekom Slovenije
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    New Year holidays also for your digestion.
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    Who's really on the other side?
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