Regardless of whether an event is designed as a corporate or marketing happening or an event for end-consumers, we approach it with a set of communication tools designed to achieve the set goals. Creating a unique experience and innovation are only part of the story.

We help achieve communication and business goals of the whole organisation. We help build a corporate identity and bolster the company image, while strengthening the corporate brand both internally and externally.

Press events enable us to create personal experiences for the press as part of presentations of company news and new products and services. We create the stories. We carefully design messages that provoke interest and make you stand out from the crowd.

There is a special responsibility when creating event that helps spread a socially responsible message, spread the news, create a positive word-of-mouth effect or presents comparative advantages. Only a carefully created story has the power to highlight the right attributes.

We view conferences, seminars, business meetings and training courses as a business process that helps position a company and contributes to successful product launches, operating success and achieving sales targets.

We breathe life into a brand. By prudently including a product’s features and attributes in an event, we create an experience filled with pleasant emotions that promotes the participants’ inclination to buy while strengthening the product image. We create unique experiences.

Cultural events are a combination of human creativity and artistic activity. They represent an excellent opportunity to bring various people together who are often shapers of public opinion and can therefore contribute greatly to a company’s image.

By combining a great plot with a well-chosen venue, time, performance, programme and special effects, we can produce an event containing elements of surprise, a captivating storyline and a unique experience. Concerts, sports and theatre events.

Each event has its own set of rules and demands, i.e. a protocol, providing the answer to dilemmas and preventing misunderstandings. Through careful planning and implementing international rules of protocol, we ensure a flawless meeting, reception or opening ceremony.

We create unforgettable experiences using new innovative approaches, inspiring creative solutions and state-of-the-art technology. Our biggest challenge is making the impossible possible with respect to the needs, wants and goals of our business partners.

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