Clients appreciate our consultancy skills reflected in a deep understanding of their business and challenges, our strategic and integrative solutions as well as efficient implementation and measurable results. We help to create economic and social value for clients.

As consultants we can make an important contribution to maintaining and enhancing stakeholder trust in an organisation, be it a manufacturing or a services company, a multinational or a domestic company, a non-profit or a government organisation.

Change is often accompanied by uncertainty and mistrust by organisation’ stakeholders. As consultants we provide ongoing consultancy and communication support through the entire process of implementing change as well as in the follow-up phase.

Raising awareness as well as encouraging behavioural changes are some of the main goals of organisations in the area of managing public issues. The strategic management of activities is reflected in achievement of the set goals as well as a change of the original state.

The strategic and proactive building of trust with investors and the broader financial sector makes it easier for companies to communicate strategic developments such as public offerings, capital injections, mergers, partnerships etc.

Stakeholders expect organisations to ensure transparency, fairness, environmental awareness…; they base their decision-making on this basis. By supporting those activities we contribute to building understanding of organisations' operations.

Employees are key stakeholders in organisations, making internal communication a crucial means of managing human resources. A strategic well-planned and two-way communication between the management and employees is therefore essential.

Reacting in a crisis is a two-tier effort: on one hand, responding to the business challenge that led to the crisis and, on the other, effectively communicating about the current situation. All efforts in a time of crisis must be quick but also well thought through.

Latest projects

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  • European Green Capital
    Mestna občina Ljubljana

    Ljubljana has earned the prestigious and resounding title European Green Capital.

  • BASF Slovenia’s first major event dedicated to business partners
    BASF Slovenija d.o.o.

    BASF, world's leading chemical company, wished to create a prestigious annual event in Slovenia, One fine day, where they could present their innovative solutions and products, their use and connect their network of clients and business partners.

  • Communication partner of EYD project

    In 2015 we were communication partner of EYD project – European Year for Development 2015.