Management Board

Primož Pusar

Primož Pusar, partner and CEO

He has been heading the Pristop Group since 2007. In this time, the company has significantly developed the field of strategic corporate consultancy, thereby creating a new dimension of integrated expertise in Pristop’s development, which generates added value for the clients in the fields of marketing, corporate and digital communication management. Primož Pusar works with top-notch domestic and international clients in the field of corporate and marketing consultancy.

Aleš Razpet

Aleš Razpet, partner and Member of the Board

He is one of the leading experts in the field of change management and crisis communications. He has over 20 years of experience in consulting leading companies in telecommunications, banking, finance and retail. He is the author of numerous professional works on corporate communications, public relations and media management.

Extended Management Board:

Ula Spindler

Ula Spindler, partner

The Executive Director for Quality and Client Service of the Pristop Group, the Director of Pristop Entertainment and the Director of Black Pony Entertainment Group. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of managing marketing and corporate communications and business consulting. In recent years, she has been dedicating a lot of her energy into the development of the entertainment field and event planning and organising.

Sašo Dimitrievski

Sašo Dimitrievski, partner and Acting Director of Renderspace

He has over 15 years of consultancy experience in the field of strategic marketing communications, interactive marketing and product development. He specialises in telecommunications and IT as well as platform distribution for content digital marketing.

Aljoša Bagola

Aljoša Bagola, partner and Executive Creative Director of Pristop Creative

A recipient of more than 100 awards and recognitions at respected domestic and international festivals (Slovenian Advertising Festival, Magdalena, Golden Drum, Epica, New York Festivals, Cresta, Eurobest, AdPrint Festival …). In 2002 he was named the best young creative mind at the 2002 Slovenian Advertising Festival, which earned him the right to represent Slovenia at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. He lectures at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana on media in practice (Advertising and Design).

Barbara Modic

Barbara Modic, the Managing Director of Pristop Media

She has 15 years of experience in the field of communications, media buying and planning. She works with established Slovenian and international companies in developing media strategies. She is also responsible for the development of advertising and monitoring of effects across the whole range of contact points.

lovro gruden

Lovro Gruden, the Managing Director of Indigo

Lovro Gruden started his career as an analyst in an asset management company. He continued as a corporate and financial analyst and advisor in the telecommunications industry, and then at A. T. Kearney, a global consulting firm. In 2014, he joined Pristop’s corporate consultancy department where he strategically managed projects involving organisation and process optimisation, business intelligence, market entry strategies, corporate strategies, loyalty programmes and IT solutions implementation support. In 2017, he took over the helm as the company’s Managing Director.

matej klepec

Matej Klepec, Director of D´Agency

Matej Klepec has been active in the field of planning marketing and communications strategies for over 15 years. For the last 8 years, he has been focusing on implementing new solutions in digital marketing. He is often presented as a confident, insightful and persistent realiser of ideas. He is solution-focused and works as the motivator of a propulsive 25 strong multidisciplinary collective. He organised the team in the direction of a non-conventional means of performing marketing services on digital platforms which always follows alternative ways of thinking. Throughout his career, he remains loyal to a visionary and not a reactionary way of thinking. He acts globally and works on excellence with recognisable and quality clients. Active social awareness has brought him experience with clients from various fields which he uses to upgrade and connect knowledge and good practices. With a good knowledge of the global digital world and its laws, he is determined that the goal remains the same despite the evolution of the digital sphere: to take the message to the end target group by using all digital channels.

Petra Muth Zupanc, Director of Marketing Communications

Petra Muth Zupanc has over 12 years of experience in strategic management of integrated marketing and communications projects. For the past three years, she has been successfully heading the marketing communications department within the Pristop Group. She is innovative and insightful. With her democratic management style, she is directing a 40 team of experts and is persistently receiving the highest awards in her field. She is the recipient of 7 Effie awards, 2 Gold Quill Awards of Excellence and 2 Gold Midas awards. After graduating from economics, she upgraded her knowledge with the General Management programme at IEDC Bled School of Management, one of Europe’s leading international institutions for the development of management. She is an active member of the Management Board of SZOA, the Association of Advertising Agencies of Slovenia. In recent years, she has participated in the committees of domestic professional associations which award recognitions for highest achievements in the field of marketing communications.