Development of Pristop

Pristop, formed on 26th August 1992, has 20 year’s history of intensive development and changes, planned strategic leadership and some intuitive decisions.

In this era the communications market, and with that also a concept of creativity, changed thoroughly and the most important challenge for marketing agencies became a question, how to find its role in the new ever growing models. The classic brief solutions concept of co-operation for clients, who daily adapt and fight for their part on the market, is not interesting anymore. Thus we make an in depth analysis and search for new and different way to reach business goals, always with an awareness that we will be as much successful as are our clients and their brands.

Ongoing growth through the time was a planned decision, and investment in our employees and their knowledge became our biggest competitive advantage. Further on, we are representing some key milestones of our development, which is by far not finished.